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Tree survey and report

This is what is usually required if you are concerned about the health or safety of a single tree or trees. During this individual tree or multiple survey, our Arborists can try to identify faults and defects such as weak branch junctions, disease, decay or infection. In some cases we can even assess the structural integrity of each tree. Our Tree Report will then break down and explain our findings, making recommendations to reduce liability, safety risk or the passing of disease to other trees in the area.

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Area Checks; TPO’s or ‘Tree Preservation Orders’ are created, governed and sanction by your local Council. They are given to individual trees in order to protect our countryside, villages, towns and cities from the uneducated and sometimes unlawful felling or cutting of historic, iconic and cherished trees. A ‘Conservation Area’ however, tries to group together certain larger areas of trees, shrubs and wildlife. Trying to protect anything that falls within these boundaries, this often occurs in historic regions and areas of beauty within towns and cities (but not as a rule), where every tree and shrub cannot be practically listed and protected.

Here at Green Cuts we are able to check these for you in most instances, please just enquire once you contact us. We never undertake tree or clearance work without checking first with the Local Authority.