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Of course we all love tree’s, but sometimes they just might need removing and the reason may not always be evident to everyone. Perhaps a survey has been carried out revealing root rot or disease, perhaps the roots are impacting on drains, footings and utilities? Wherever possible Green Cuts checks out all of these reasons and more with the customer, before looking to see if there are any other alternatives we can offer. In cases where there are none, Green Cuts will plant two more trees for every one we have to remove* (please see our ecological ethos section and caveat).

In most cases Green Cuts will replace every tree removed with two more* In every eventuality however, we repurpose and recycle our timber. We plank, log and kiln dry our firewood, and we bio-degrade our wood chip back into the landscape. We do also encourage and advise customers on where and when to replant. This may not be immediate but very often customers are open to replanting and will do so willingly.

There are of course a huge array of tree infections and diseases to be on the look out for. Each has varying symptoms and causes dependant on the time of year and tree species. There are just too many to list here but we have outlined and linked four of the most common diseases and infections today; Phytophthora-ramorumHoney fungus, Ash Dieback and Horse Chestnut Leaf minor. We have added the Woodland Trust links below for further reading. You can also find more information here, here, here, or here.

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