Arboricultre Machinery


Mobile Elevating Work Platform’s come in a multitude of types and sizes. These machines are used where a climbing tree is deemed too dangerous, perhaps due to rot or decay. Green Cuts will always resort to a MEWP where possible to eliminate as much risk to our team as we can. Spider MEWP’s can be towed and expanded on site where access is limited, 4×4 MEWP’s such as our UNIMOG can be driven directly into more difficult areas such as woodland or wet, muddy ground. We also operate more common MEWP’s, which are driven on the road, fitted directly to a van or truck. These have a variety of lift heights and reach capabilities and may be used for many more applications where working at height is required.

Wood Chippers

Green Cuts uses and rents wood-chippers for the removal of tree waste on or off site (please see our environmental section). These are either tracked chippers for the more difficult or adverse sites, and require a trailer to be moved around, or the more common types which maybe towed behind a partner vehicle.


Our Posi-Track is a tracked skid steer unit for off road use. This machine is fitted with a FE mulcher, a heavy duty flail head capable of clearing large areas of small trees, briar, scrub and wild sites with ease, far quicker than a traditional manned operation.

Stump Grinders

Green Cuts operates a variety of stump grinders, these range from large tracked versions for larger stumps and more difficult access, or smaller more compact versions for smaller garden stumps.

Compact Tractor and Winch

Another fabulous piece of equipment is our small compact tractor. This machine is also coupled with a 4 ton pulling winch and can be used for lots of forest or private applications. The ability to winch timber poles straight from site for processing or conversion gives more options on the size of timber we can extract and consequently offer a more diverse product from our mill. On private and emergency call outs we can use the winch to pull over dead and dangerous trees, and handle storm damage or wind blown trees from a safe distance.